Saturday, May 14, 2016

NPC Thorolf of Nydam

Thorolf is the Helmsman of the warleader Bovine's ship Blackwolf. On land he is always at Bovine's side and his horn sounds the summoning of the warband and at sea it calls to the other ships at night or when the fog has fallen (which it always does when approaching the Ghostland). He is a doughty warrior and hero in his own right and was once a sworn companion of Bovine's younger brother who fell in battle many seasons before.

It is said that his horn instills fear in men not of the north and that at sea it can be heard by any of Bovine's followers even if they be leagues apart. Thorolfs cloak is that of a bear and gives him strengeth, his belt is fashioned with the skull of a tusked troll and while wearing it wounds heal quickly even if they would be a mortal blow. His chestplate is from a Southron warleader and Thorolf's axe is called Oxkiller which causes terrible wounds and can split a man from head to groin.

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