Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #36

Catfish and Bender are sitting in their hidden cave when Frank (who turns out to be a Woolytroll) comes swimming in through their front entrance. Frank lets Catfish know that Dudly is badly burned and needs Firelillies to help him heal and take away the pain. After the three of them swim out through the underwater tunnel entrance Frank wonders when Catfish is going to get a doorbell.


Bender: (Unnamed)
A small orange creature (Newt? Salamander?) and boon companion to the Troll named Catfish. Although he moves on all four legs carrying his Bowie Knife in his mouth his front feet also work like hands though with a very short reach. He identifies Frank as a Woolytroll.

Blue Mooses:
An undefined exclamation.

Situated somewhere between Wormy's cave and the Ogres.

A troll who with his companion Bender lives near the Bog in a cave that can only be entered through an underwater tunnel.

Frank mentions that Dudly has been badly burnt and needs Firelilies. He has been left in the Bog while Frank has gone for help/

A plant with analgesic and healing properties. Catfish has them stored in a glass jar.

A Woolytroll, he swims into Catfish's cave to get Firelilies for Dudly.

Apparently trolls that have hairy eyebrows, backs, arms and legs.

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