Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 10 Encounter E-5

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 10 Encounter E-5


The 3 locations marked as '9' on the map are latrines. They are a room with a bench and a hole that drops down 40ft to a branch of an underground stream.


This room is a supply closet but the back 10ft is packed with bric a brac. The druids tend to use a lot of wicker. Amid the clutter is a minor magical item. A Broom of Sweeping.

The Broom of Sweeping

On command (a word of activation and cancellation is needed t start and stop the broom) the broom will begin sweeping and will sweep a 10x10ft section of floor every Turn. The Broom will sweep in  a straight line then move right  (if it can) and begin sweeping back the way it came just 10ft over, It will continue to sweep forward then back, then over 10ft till it can no longer move to the right of its original starting position. If it can no longer move right it simply reverses the process t that point.

While the broom puts very little weight down on the surface it does sweep with enough strength to move small objects and trigger sensitive traps.


This is thee room of a 2nd lvl Druid named Smythe. He oversees the 1st lvl druids assigned to this aarea. Smythe is more than a bit of a coward and will run rather than fight if he can help it.

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