Thursday, August 10, 2017

NPC - The Friendly Halfling Collection Agency - Repo Team

The Friendly Halfling Collection Agency (City of Greyhawk Chapter) is based out of a semi-derelict mansion in the city's Old Quarter. It is hard to know if there are really any halflings involved in the business (which is thriving, thank you very much) as the real owners never seem to be about. the agency doesn't loan anything itself but works for those that are owed and lack the means to force restitution themselves from their debtors.

Most people only get to know the primary collection squad. Due to the voltile naature of their work the collection squad sees a rapid turnover in membership.

Stig with his favorite two-handed spiked mace is the squad leader,

Dobin is to the left of Stig. To the right of Stig is Horn-helm or Pug as his friends call him. Redbeard Oli is next, then Starface the victim of a massive tattoo miscommunication (his real name is Gavin)

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