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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 11 Encounter F

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 11 Encounter F - Banedon the Mage

As the party makes its way through the woods they come upon a clearing and recognize it as the Ruins of Raumos an ancient forest temple. A young man stands near the crumbled pillars of the temple, all that remains standing of the building. He is dressed in thee robes of the Toran Mageguild, skyblue with stars. All around him are Giaks. He raises his hand and a bolt of lightning flashes out killing every Giak it touches. Still about half a dozen are left. The players can see that behind the mage a Giak has climbed atop a broken pillar and with a long dagger in its hand is poised to leap upon the unsuspecting mage.

The surviving Giaks are 1HD creatures AC7 armed with short swords and spears. The Giak on the pillar is also 1HD.

Should the player character make themselves known before the Giak on the pillar attacks the 6 in front of the mage will make a run for it. The Giak on the pillar will hesitate for a combat round before running.

The mage will thank the characters and if they still are wearing the cloaks they started with will recognize them as students at the Kai Monastery. He will introduce himself as Banedon, a journeyman of the Brotherhood of the Krystal Star, the Toran Mageguild and thank them for their help.

He will explain that he was on the way to the monastery with a message from his guildmaster to warn them of an attack by the Darklords. He has a vellum scroll with this message. He was delayed in setting out by one of the guildmembers named Vonatar who was in league with the Darklords.

If his told of the fate of the monastery he will give one member of the group (preferably a magic-user) a small Crystal Star Pendent. This pendent marks the wearer as a friend of the Mage Guild and is a +1 Amulet of Protection.

Banedon will explain that he must return to his guild with news immediately

Banedon is a 3rd level mage. He bears a glove of lightning that allows him to cast a 5HD lightning bolt once per day. Trying to remove the glove will destroy it. He bears a +1 dagger and a pouch with some gold, silver and copper. Hidden among the stars of his robes are 10 20gp diamonds.

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