Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D - Part 2 - Encounters

The area around the Kai Monastery is not developed and only a few small steadings which house servants of the Kai are nearby. To the west are the mountains, tall and foreboding. To the North is the port-city of Toran, to the East the city of Tyso and to the South the capital Holmgard. The main road to the East runs North-South from Toran to the capital but the road is many miles East and the wild forest is between with the tracks, trails and monastery road thick with Giak, Doomwolves or worse and the sky overflown by Kraan.

Here are some possible encounters in the forest surrounding the monastery.

1). The wounded Ankheg

The forest is a dangerous place even for the minions of the Darklords.

A patrol of 12 Giak flushed a pair of young Ankheg while they hunted  from their burrow. The players hear the sound of conflict as they make there way through the woods. A rustling of branches alerts them to 2 Giak 1HD archers (shortbows, 15 arrows each, in red dyed leather armor AC7) the Giaks are automatically surprised for a turn as they were fleeing the battle with the Ankhep.

The will turn and run back the way the came if given the chance. About 30 yards distance there is a small clearing in the forest where the leader of the Giak's (3HD in chainmail, AC5 HP down to 6, wielding a longsword) and 3 1HD Giaks (red leather armor, AC7, 2 with spears, 1 with short sword, HP 2, 5, 6) battle an Ankheg 4HD HP down to 12 with no stomach acid spit left.

The body of a second, smaller Ankheg is in the clearing as well as 4 Giak warriors. The bodies of 2 Giak archers partially dissolved in acid are near the edge of the clearing.

The 3HD Giak commanders sword is loot from a destroyed steading some miles distance.

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