Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 6 Encounter

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 6 Encounter E-1 - The Bear

As the characters make their way through heavy woods they are safe from the Kraan flying overhead and even offered some relief from the noisy Giak foot patrols but the wood itself has many perils. A 3+3HD Black Bear lunges from the mouth of a hidden cave scattering bracken and debris as it emerges. If the characters are surprised the Bear takes 1 swipe at a random character before they can react (the Bear normally gets 3 attacks claw/claw/bite for 1-3/1-3/1-6 damage but if both claw attack hits then it gets an additional 2-8damage as a bear-hug).

The Bear can only move 20 feet from the cave entrance and if attacked with ranged weapons or spells will retreat into the cave. The Bear has been charmed by evil Druids to protect the cave entrance (a large silver collar worth 10gp is around its neck. The possession or sale of this collar may be noted by this evil sect and the player character marked for revenge)

1. The Cave Mouth - Overgrown but a careful examination will note that the opening has been widened by tools. The floor slopes downward about 15 feet before reaching area 2.

2. This circular room appear natural only at first glance. The ceiling is no more than 8feet high and festooned with lichen as are the walls. If the lichen is scrapped away the marks of tools can clearly be detected. The secret door to the North is very crudely constructed but it is stoutly made and locked. There is a keyhole at its center about 4 feet up from the floor,

The floor of the room is layered in debris and the cracked bones of many  men and animals. There is a small pool of water at the East wall about a foot deep and 5 feet wide. At the edge in the water is a copper chest and within the chest a silver key that unlocks the secret door.

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