Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 4 Encounter

Encounter C: Kraan and Giaks

When the heavy cover of the forest breaks Kraan can be seen patrolling the skies. Small Kraan spawn of 1HD fly in groups of 3d4. The spawn only have a bite attack of 1-2dmg but their numbers can prove dangerous and they can make it through the heavy woods that stop the larger Kraan.

If the characters are spotted in lighter woods a swarm of spawn will attack. A second swarm will spot the combat after 1d4+3 combat rounds and pursue the characters even into cover. The next time the characters break from cover they will be attacked by two Giak archers sitting on the back of hovering 4HD Kraan, The archers are 1HD Giaks.

Following this attack a patrol of 8Giaks will be set down nearby (1 Giak will be a 3HD leader in chainmil carrying a falchion, the other 7  1HD in red dyed leather armor with shortswords)

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