Monday, December 2, 2019

NPC - Linnea Schnai Witch

NPC -  Linnea Schnai Witch

Linnea is from a wealthy and powerful Schnai clan, her Mother, Lea, the leader of the Clan's council of Elders. Linnea is the youngest of seven daughters (a birth of very good fortune and destiny among the Schnai). She is currently in a battle of wills with her mother concerning her destiny. 

Linnea has a desire to see the Southern world below the frozen land of her home. She has sworn herself to Tor and plans to take ship during the next raiding/trading season and even as a young witch her abilities would find her a seat at any bench. Lea has forced all the Schnai shipmasters to deny her a place among their crew but Linnea has a stronger will than that.

Risking outlawry Linnea has fled the lands of Schnai and joined a Fruzti crew. Now she finds herself aboard the Fruzti raider the Styrkarsarjar joing an expedition on a strange smoking island and loving every moment.

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