Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #20

Frank and Dudly are putting themselves back together after the attack by the Snookerball Demon (Dudly is even able to reattach his eyebrows again). As they finger the cracked Snookerball and think about the danger of using then in a simple game of pool the thought of the Ogres using them occurs to Frank and that gives Dudly an idea. The pair sneak off with one of the balls before Wormy comes back into the room.


He pulls himself together including his errant eyebrows while talking over the Snookerball Demon attack with Frank and comes to realize that they could be using the Snookerballs for other purposes than pool before making off with one under his arm.

He manages to get his head back on while talking over the Demon attack with Dudly. His comment about seeing the Ogres try playing pool with these Snookerballs inspires Dudly and he helps steal one from Wormy's table.

The boys are not well-liked (and for good reason) among Troll society and they are in the thoughts of Frank and Dudly when the pair consider possible uses for the Demon inhabited Snookerballs.

Snookerball Demon:
Big-glassy eyes and an awful scream. The Trolls think it is some kind of demon.

More than meets the eye as each ball contains a small but vicious demonic inhabitant, the Trolls have thought of a better use than pool for the dark-red orbs.

Heard but not seen. The Trolls beat a hasty retreat when they hear him coming back into the room.

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