Saturday, April 2, 2016

Pathfinder Owlbear 'Beaky' Miniature

Picked up a couple of these recently and they are an impressive figure. I have a great and abiding love for owlbears ever since I had them eat a number of player characters back when I first DM'd B2 keep on the borderlands. I enjoyed the Reaper Bones owlbears from their first kickstarter though they are a bit on the wing as it were...

Not my paintjob as I suck at painting. These were truly fun to paint though. I found them a little unbalanced without adding some support in the way of pennies glued to the bottom. But getting back to 'Beaky' this a huge miniature. Here is a comparison photo to show some scale with a diminutive Drow mini from WotC and a much larger Orc mini from the late lamentable Combat Hex Middle-Earth game.

This is a proper big-ass owlbear and I can use it with both my pipsqueak WotC series of minis and the much more visible to my bad-eyesight Reaper Bones and larger scale.

I can only echo the following sentiment, but these have scratched my owlbear niche nicely for the moment.

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