Monday, April 18, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #19

Dudly and Frank crack open one of the snookerballs during a game of Baseball/Golf and release the Snookerbal Demon. The little blue-beasty immediately sets upon Frank taking off his right arm and apparently an ear and sundry bits before Dudly can smack it away with his mallet. Luckily for the boys Irving is at hand and call Wormy for help as the blue demon takes Dudly apart and decapitates Frank just as he managed to reattach his arm. Wormy arrives just in time to save the felt on his pool table and distracts the demon so that he can follow through with a resounding Smak! with his pool que. Wormy helps Frank get his head back on stright while Irving picks his way among pieces of Dudly.


He gives a good account of himself at first rescuing Frank from the Snookerball Demon but misses the follow-through and goes through a mix-master of razorsharp claws.

The Snookerball Demon deals pretty easily with Frank. First he loses and arm and then after Dudly drives off the blue-terror Frank loses his head to another swipe from its claws.

He beats a hasty retreat while calling for Wormy when he sees the little Blue Demon but returns right on Wormy's trail to pick up the pieces, mostly Dudly, after the fight is over.

Snookerball Demon:
The small blue flying demon appears in a puff of blue smoke but quickly solidifies. While it can fly with ease it is thankfully vulnerable to mallets and gigantic pool-cues. It seems capable of speech but what its eldritch words mean are untranslatable and probably not for polite society.

Seemingly innocuous, they all seem to possess a violent demonic inhabitant.

While seemingly more concerned about his felt than the trolls he does destroy the demon and help Frank reattach his head in the end.

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