Monday, April 25, 2016

White Dwarf #12 Pool of the Standing Stones

Written By Bill Howard

This is really two adventures for me as they don't quite mesh together in my mind. The first is a mini adventure that can be expanded. It is a wilderness adventure involving a Druid and woodland creatures. The Pool isn't really of much importance in this respect except as part of the back-story. The second adventure is a dungeon setting and my assumption is that the Druid either awakened or summoned the NPC Dando to even the lawful good balance in the area. This is a bit contradictory to the Druid Ash's (and he sadly does not have a Boom-stick or Gas Powered Chainsaw) intentions to even the lawful balance as Dando would be lawful himself. One of the reasons I found the alignment system in D&D to be ridiculous and dropped it entirely. I also found the connection between a supposedly ancient nature shrine with worn dolmen stones to be at odds with a rather nicely constructed dungeon lair filled with bandits, would be demons, martial artists and mad scientists. Not that the dungeon doesn't handle this odd grouping well. In fact you could drop this second adventure into a Big Trouble in Little China modern scenario without too much work. Maybe the Druid Ash should have a Boom-Stick.

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