Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Ring of Life

Ring Of Life:
The Warriors find a silver, jewel-encrusted ring. Within the central gemstone, a tiny flame burns brightly.

The ring has the power to heal grievous wounds. It may only be used on a warrior on zero wounds. To use the ring, roll a dice. On a roll of 1 the flame flickers and dies, and has no effect. On any other score, the Warrior is healed back up to full wounds.

One use per adventure

1). This silver ring appears so small as to fit only the hand of a child but it will widen to fit any finger. There is a central green stone and four orange stones set in its sides.  A tiny living flame can be seen dancing within the heart of the green stone.

Once donned the ring melds with the flesh and bone of the wearer and it can never be removed. Any attempt to harm the ring (which requires a +3 or better enchanted weapon) will cause damage directly to the wearer. If the ring is destroyed so shall be the wearer of the ring, utterly and without clerical or magical means of revival.

The ring is a potent magical item. On the death of the wearer the green stone will spring to life and a pulsing aura of magical energy will surround the body. In a single Turn the deceased wearer will return to life with full Hit Points, rested and feeling energized. If the ring is examined it will be noted that one of the orange stones has disappeared.

The ring will return the deceased wearer to life 4 times, an orange stone disappearing on each revival, but if the wearer dies for a fifth time a flow of green energy will pulsate around the body with the hint of some snake-like being writhing about the flesh, then both body and green aura will disappear; both body and soul gone to some outer plane or consumed by the fire that lurks within the green stone.

Upon the ground will be found the tiny silver ring, the central green gem dancing with its hidden light and four orange stones set in the band.

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