Thursday, June 13, 2013

Warhammer Quest card of the Day - Rapid Fire Bracelets

Rapid Fire Bracelets:
These bracelets were created by the elves to compliment the fabled Silver Band of Loren.

These bracelets give your Warrior +1 Attacks per turn with a missile weapon.

Barbarian & Elf only

1) This pair of slim golden bracelets with 6 emeralds set around each radiates magic strongly. The emeralds glow in the presence of goblinoid, reptiles or giantish creatures. The closer these creatures come the stronger the glow.
The bracers have several magical affects. The give a strengthed resistance to poison. The have the ability to charm snakes once per day. They increase the strength and dexterity of the wearer (By 1 ability point).

Unfortunately the bracers can only be worn by someone of elven heritage and someone with slim forearms and wrists. Others will find that the bracers cause severe pain and lessen the strength, dexterity and constitution (by 1 ability point)

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