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B1 In Search of the Unknown - A Hyperborean Campaign Alternative - A Note On Magic Mouths

A Note On Magic Mouths

The magic mouths at L1A3 and L1A4 control the iron bars which block the passageway at L1A5. Upon finishing their warning they are meant to raise the bars for 5 Turns then drop them again. (The bars will automatically raise for 5 Turns if anyone passes the alcoves at L1A6 & 7 heading toward the front gate).  Unfortunately the magic mouths have become slightly deranged during their years of solitude and have developed a bit of a pugnacious attitude and something of a Scottish accent.

After their initial attempt to follow their original instructions as to what to shout at intruders they simply give up and leave the bars raised permanently, but now shout insults at anyone who passes them by,

Here are some of what they may shout and an insult generator.

1). Run Away, ye Pansys!
2). An where dae ye think you're goin'?
3). Back to ye own country!
4). Suck mae wally!
5). Freedom! Freedom!
6). Up yers, ye coot.
7). Ye bloustie ol'callyack
8). Ach, stick it up yer trakkans
9). Stitch this, jimmy!
10). Ere's a kiss for ye, ya off-lookin minger

Insult generator:

Most of their insults begin with Ye or Thee, then roll 1d100 three times.

1-2). bampot
3-4). bassa
5-6). bauchle
7-8). bawheid
9-10). boggin
11-12). bowfin
13-14). clag-tail
15-16). clapped-in
17-18). clatty
19-20). cuddie
21-22). diddy
23-24). doaty
25-26). dobber
27-28). doolie
29-30). doowally
31-32). eejit
33-34). feartie
35-36). ginky
37-38). glaikit
39-40). gomeril
41-42). gommy
43-44). hackit
45-46). haggis
47-48). heidbanger
49-50). hing-oot
51-52). honkin
53-54). jessie
55-56). keech
57-58). lavvy-heid
59-60). maddy
61-62). midden
63-64). midgie-raker
65-66). minger
67-68). numpty
69-70). nyaff
71-72). oof-lookin
73-74). plookie
75-76). puggled
77-78). scabby
79-80). scadge
81-82). scaffbag
83-84). scunner
85-86). shaan gadgie
87-88). skelly
89-90). soapdogger
91-92). tosser
93-94). tumshie
95-96). wally
97-98). wally, wally

99-100). Reuse previously rolled word or double use next word if first roll.

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