Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Backpack

The Warriors come across a hastily discarded backpack, lying amongst a pile of bones in a far corner.

The backpack contains 1d6 sets of provisions. Each set of provisions cures 2 Wounds.

(RPG: At the end of each adventure, any remaining provisions in the backpack are lost. However, at the start of the next adventure, the backpack will have magically replenished itself, and will contain 1d6 provisions again!)

1) The backpack has had one of its straps cut near the shoulder, the ends severed cleanly and a great deal of dried blood stiffening the side of the pack and the strap. Inside the pack can be found a finely woven blanket with a ragged hole cut in the center. Wrapped in the blanket is the hilt and blade of a broken sword. Both blanket and broken sword radiate faintly of magic if a detect magic spell or ability is used but neither appears to be functioning.

The pack itself will radiate magic on its own. It will magically generate 1d6 days' worth of iron rations every 24 hours if emptied of rations, but if even a single day's worth of rations are left in the pack no magical generation of rations will take place.

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