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Repost - NPC Red Hanlan and Black Harris 2

Oerthly Encounters Red Hanlan and Black Harris 2

Lyndos, human male, (Magic User level 7)
Str 8, Int 18, Wis 11, Con 10, Dex 12, Chr 11
HP: 22, AL LE, AGE 33

Physical Description:
Lyndos is pale with thin ash-blond hair. 5"9' and skinny. He is clean shaven but his fine thin hair is hardly noticeable even if he does not shave. He has no scars or tattoos.

Lyndos wears a dark hooded cloak on raids, he has a mask which looks like a grinning devils face horns and all which he wears under the hood, (he salvaged it from a group of wandering entertainers that the band ambushed on the road in Keoland).

In towns or away from the brigands he dresses in dark blue robes with occult signs, actual charms woven into its make-up, ( a charm against detection and a charm of protection +1) He wears a dark blue, wide-brimmed hat to protect his fair skin from the sun.

Lyndos has served as Black Harris' lieutenant for the last three years and outside of Smashnose has been with the band the longest, (a total of four years). His mentor Stesil Hin, a mage of great experience and evil, had an estate outside of Hardby. After catching Lyndos borrowing spell components Stesil expelled him and Lyndos left Hardby only seconds ahead of one of Stesils' lightning bolts. Luckily Stesil failed to notice the old traveling spellbooks which Lyndos had borrowed earlier.

Down on his luck, Lyndos survived hand to mouth in the City of Greyhawk. Without cash or connections Lyndos owned only his stolen spellbooks, a bare minimum of components and a single set of worn pants, shirt and shoes. Then he met Black Harris and he has followed him ever since.

Personality and attitude:
Lyndos is meticulous but lacks patience. His greatest desire is to expand his knowledge of all things wizardly but he does so regardless of the cost in pain and suffering to others. Lyndos had been in on the planning of all the major raids for the past few years. The sudden change in Harris' attitude toward the band's attacks and his lack of care in matters of security have forced Lyndos to make plans of his own.

While he bears no sense of loyalty to Harris he has been amply rewarded in the past and greatly profited due to his membership in the band of brigands. He receives all books, scrolls and magical items which are meant for a mage's use as well as a senior member's cut of all treasure. But now he feels that the rewards are coming at too high a risk and his counsels are ignored. He is gathering his resources and his courage, awaiting a time to break with the band unless he sees a change come over Black Harris and a return to the old ways.


Lyndos has a secret cache of spellbooks hidden away in Veluna City. He only carries a traveling spellbook while raiding.

Travelling Spellbook:
1st) Alarm, Comp. Languages, Detect Magic, Identify, Magic Missile,
Read Magic, Shield & Sleep
2nd) Flaming Sphere, Invisibility, Knock, Mirror image, Ray
Enfeeb., Web
3rd) Fireball, Haste, Hold Person, Lightning bolt, Pro.Norm.
4th) Imp. Invisibility, Minor Globe Invuln., Wizard eye

Ring +2 of protection
Staff of Shielding:
This staff allows the user to cast the shield spell twice every 24 hours at the casters current level of experience.
20 +1 sling bullets
10 Silver sling bullets
3 glass spheres holding dust of sneezing and choking, held in an ivory container that has a carrying strap.
Dagger +1

Riding Horse: Mare, named LuLu.

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