Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Projects Ideas 4-6

I will keep posting ideas but for earlier ones check the Projects label to find them

Project Ideas 4-6

4. The Pathfinder Adventure card game is something I would love to adapt or see adapted to the Greyhawk setting. I know that there is or was a card creation program on Paizo that allowed you mto create homebrew cards. My idea was to alter the system a bit and allow for a more specific adventure simulation rather than the less detailed style of play in the current game.

5. Again dealing with cards but using them as a random dungeon generator. The original warhammer quest game came with cards showing rooms and dungeons sections. I started detailing them for use as a random dungeon generator. You can find examples listed under the label warhammerquest. These also have cards for items and I was detailing these for 1eAD&D

6. NPCs - Ive found you can never have too many but think it would be interesting to have a group of them designed under specific guidelines by varied authors. For example we design a group of Inn patrons, or the crew of a pirate ship, members of a band of evil adventurers or brigands, or thieves or mages guild.

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