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Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 1

Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc -  Part 1

The year is 579cy, 3 years after the avents described in module T1-4 and the adventure begins in the city of Verbobonc at the Wayside Inn. The players are young and lacking in experience but trained journeymen if not yet masters of their proffessions and callings.

The Wayside Inn (See Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc part 5 &  6 for maps) is a large and comfortable inn recommended by the Mercenaries Guild as a place to meet prospective employers or socialize with other adventurers. When first entering the city the guardsmen at the gate directed the players to the Mercenaries Guild to register and pay the fee to the guild and the city. (See Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 3). The fee can be waved temporarily if the players take one of the pending jobs listed at the guild hall. Currently that involves taking on the work of couriers for the mage Gordrenn (Night Below Book 1 pg#10). The mage needs his items delivered to the town of Nulb(Thurmaster in NB) a town of bad repute but improving outwardly since the latest strike against the Temple of Elemental Evil in 576cy. 

The road to Nulb isn't without its perils and the chances of unpleasant encounters are real. Goblin raiders are reported along the foothills of the Kron Hills (See NPC - The Goblins of the Broken Jaw) and the longer road to Hommlet (Milborne in NB) is recommended. Hommlet is a growing town with the first stages of a walled keep constructed beside it. 

Once past Hommlet or the shorter route through the Kron Hills the players will encounter the scenario 'Capture Them Alive!' (NB pg#10-11). Should the players have a tough time with the encounter the Scout-Lancer Sedeq can appear for a timely intervention (See NPC Scout-Lancer Sedeq).


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