Thursday, March 14, 2019

Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 7 Random Encounters Part 6

Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 7 Random Encounters Part 6

6. Dead Farmers

The players come upon a field with the bodies of dead farmers, a dead horse and wagon with all its good broken and scattered. Among the dead are the bodies of 3 goblins with broken arrow ends sticking from them. The farmers have been terribly hacked at whether before or after they were killed is not apparent. 

As the players near the scene of the massacre one them catches the sight of movement in the distance. The player with the best eyesight can just make them out as wolves with riders. Within a few moments the disappear into a dip in the fields and seem to ride off.

If the players examine the dead they will notice an odd thing. There are 7 dead farmers among the scattered and looted goods but 2 more are within the wagonbed. They too are dead but they have bound and gagged and tied to the wagon.

These 2 are local farmers but the 7 dead are minions of the kidnapper Ranchefus (See NB Book1 Pg#11). A search of the dead bodies reveals that they are wearing leather armor beneath their clothes and one has coins sewn into the lining. 25 Platinum pieces and a note saying "Live prisoners, any spell casters will earn a bounty. Remember!"

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