Saturday, April 21, 2018

NPC Yljari Half-Elven

Yljari is the Elector of the Elves in the Yeomanry. He is actually only a quarter human and three-quarters High Elven but to the other High Elves his human grandmother taints his elven heritage.The High Elves who make up over 80% of the Yeomanry elven population follow Prince Vallinen without question so Yljari is merely a spokesmen for the Prince rather than having his own voice in the Yeomanry council. The other elves in the Yeomanry follow Yljari and he is their voice to the Prince.

There is a strong desire among the High Elves to depart the Yeomanry for other elven realms especially the Duchy of Ulek where many of their kindred dwell. The Duke of Ulek traditionally holds his realm in the name of the Prince, but the days of the ancient High Elven kingdom have long passed and the High Elves of Ulek see their Duke as the real leader of all High Elvesare  and themselves as the last small remanant of their kingdom (although this is disputed by the HighElves of Veluna who nearly populace and those of  Geoff where a small High Elven woodland fortress  survived from the days of the kingdom. The Geoffish elves have also gained a great deal of independence since the giant invasion and see their Forest Lord as the real leader of the High Elves). Little credence is given to the "Lord of the High Elves" of the Quagflow Valley even though he commands a large population of High Elves.

Yljari is a powerful magician and one time adventurer. His wife, Sana, is a half-elven cleric originally from Veluna. His is extremely loyal to the Yeomanry and should the High Elves he and the other 20% of the elven population  would remain.

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