Wednesday, April 4, 2018

NPC - CSIO - Aliadar Half-Ogress - Boot & Strap - Barter Street

Aliadar is the half-ogress wife of Karugy One-Eye the cobbler. Her father was an adventurer caught by an Ogre tribe and destined for the stew-pot. By the use of an enchanted Earing he charmed the Chief's wife and made his escape but not before sharing her bed. The union brought forth Aliadar. The tribe was in the service of an evil wizard at thetime of her birth and she was raised by the wizard;s human servants. Karugy was the son of a cobbler serving the wizard, an overly large lad, and he took a fancy to the half-ogress. She proved invaluable to Karugy's srvival whe the wizard's tower fell and she carried him to safety.

The pair are intensel loyal to each other.

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