Sunday, April 8, 2018

NPC Monster - Gar Hill-Giant Mutation Giant-Killer

After the fall of the giants, when they were at last driven from Geoff, a great scouring of the hills occurred and many a Hill Giant Clan and steading fell. The monsters were forced further ito the mountains to escape and their ancestral homes were abandoned. The bones of human, demi-human and giant litter the heights and valleys and little mercy was shown to any.

The mage Talberth had seen many a friend and companion lost during the years of the invasion and after and he had  hatred for giants that stripped his humanity from his soul. When he discovered a hidden creche of Hill Giant young he would have had no second thought to exterminating the mewling babes but a darker idea came upon him. He would raise these young, experiment upon them till he created a creature who would be the bane of giants. Gar and his kind were the result.

Much bigger and stronger than a normal hill giant Gar is what Talberth calls a Giant-Killer. They are semi-intelligent magical creations but have manged to breed true. Unfortunately while they do have an unreasoning instinctual hatred of all other giants they have no regard for humans, demi-humans, animals or monstrous creatures either, all are food for their anger and the gnawing hunger that their size and heightened metabolism demand. They are clawed and fanged and tend to disdain weapons. They can craft simple fur clothing and scavenge better gear from giants and humanoids. They are wary creatures, hunt at night and prefer to ambush rather than confront directly though they will fight like rats if cornered.

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