Thursday, April 12, 2018

NPC - CSIO - Nervy Bnazoth - Beggars' Street - Seal Maker

Bnazoth is a wiry, nervous little man, dark-haired, olive skinned, well dressed with an expensive craft shop in a terrible street for selling seals to business men and nobles. Few actua1lly come to his shop and instead he brings his sample cases, sketch books and actual seals to his customers rather than they come to him. This suits Nervy Bnazoth well as his real business is magic. He is in fact an experienced Warlock and heads a coven of Witches.

His small shop is prtected with locks and bars but inside his private chambers he has a Chest of Endless Snakes which if opened without the activation word (Hail Hydra) releases  random snake every 2nd combat round. Once intruders are killed or driven from the shop the chest shuts and relocks itelf and the sumoned snakes disappear. There is also a small poisonous snake which lurks under the sheets of his bed, but is just a normal unsummoned snake and isnt going anywhere.

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