Saturday, April 14, 2018

Adventure The Kobold Menace

The wizard Kazimierz guarded by three stout warriors, Bede, Witus, and Teofil battle a force of invading kobolds beneath the streets of Istvan. This tribe of kobolds i fro deep within the underoerth and have been driven ut ouf their home by Umber Hulks. These kobolds are unnatural smart and are more like a society of small humans. There are magicains, clerics, thieves an fighters and most warriors are equivelant to 1st level fighters with a smattering of higher level veterans and a few even higher level heroes within their ranks.

The Umber Hulks are forcing many UnderOerth creatues to fllee, and a nest of Ankhegs is on the heels of the Konbolds along with smaller flocks of Grell and Carrion Crawlers.

The people of Istvan are in for a struggle that they may not win.

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