Tuesday, April 17, 2018

NPC - The Minotaur - Graxus

Minotaurs are magical ccreations but from a time so long ago that their origin is lost. Attempts to recreate them result in many near misses such as Hinchcliffe's Ram-Men but the original Man-Bull is elusive and perhaps god-protected. They breed true and even cross-breed true in that the product of a union of Minotaur and Human, Demi-Human or Humanoid is Minotaur.

They will  use weapons, and prefer them over bare hands.  They can even be trained to wear armor. Luckily they prefer seclusion and the dark. The males tend to be solitary though a family group will have several females and a continuous litter of ever present young. The young males will be pushed out at an early age and most dont survive, which helps to keep the number of minotaurs down. A strong leader might have a half-dozen followers (making an adult tribe of 30-40 with the females of the species). Female Minotaurs are slightly smaller than males but much more aggressive when protectin their young, more intelligent and have a social order amongst themselves.

Graxus is rather typical of his breed, large, immensely strong, not overly bright with a mean streak a mile wide. He is the bodyguard of Keller the Lender, a financeer to the Guildmasters of the City of Dyvers.

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