Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 6

The Lost Library of Q'Sh

8). This is a large somewhat 'S' shaped room. The south-western end has two secret doors. The western secret door is described in Location (5). but if the area is not entered from that location the skeletons described will be clustered near the south-western nook. They will react to the approach of characters from the north or through the secret door nearby on the south wall.

The wide portion if the room running north-south has two long wooden tables with benches against the west wall, a weapons rack, on the east wall, with ten light crossbows (only two have not been rotted by a slow dripping leak that has come down the wall from a large crack in the stone roof) and a score of bolt pouches contain bolts, most of which will fly apart in flinders if anyone attempts to use them as the damp and moisture have rotted them as well.
There is a larger weapons rack is against the wall near location (8.1)., but it is empty. Against the wall facing the library's portico is wheel and pulley system to raise the counterweight which is dropped when opening the southern secret door.

The floor of the room is scattered with broken bones and rotted leather armor, sundered shields (four are still serviceable, medium shields) and ten longswords with various degrees of rust (the swords are -2 to hit and damage till they have been resharpened).

Amid the scattered bones on the floor of this room will be seen a black and dried smear of blood leading to the far eastern end of the room and trailing around the corner.

The door to the north is thick wood with iron bands and a iron grill work over a small opening at chest height. Peering through grill work and shining a light through or having some type of dark vision reveals Locastion (14). a corridor with doors similar to this one, though details are hard to make out as they are slightly recessed into the walls of the passage.

8.2). The smear of dried blood ends before the western door which is appears as a normal wooden door with a pull ring. The space before the door is very similar to Location (6.2) with a very large stain of black dried blood across the floor and spattered on the walls. A moment after stepping within 10ft of this area or upon opening the eastern door from the other side, a cold moaning wind will howl down the passage and stir the blood into a dancing black dust devil which will turn into the form of a robed woman. If this form is touched by anyone or anything during this process or after it has solidified it will emit a screeching, wordless howl and collapse into a pile of dried blood. If allowed to form the woman will hold out her hands revealing that all her fingers have been torn or bitten off. She will look at them herself, howl madly and throw herself at the nearest character, whereupon she will burst into a cloud of dried blood, but anyone within a 10ft radius will find themselves drenched with hot fresh blood as if a bucketful of the stuff had been thrown at them. 

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