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The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 14

The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 14

The missing Location (8.1) and Location (14.1)

Location 8.1)

A wheel and pulley system to open the secret door on the south wall. The wood is rotting and the chain rusty. The pulley lifts a counterweight in the wall by turning a wheel with the chain wrapped around it. Triggering the latch to the secret door drops the counterweight and the secret door raises up into the ceiling very quickly. If the secret door is opened the pulley will need a combined strength of 24 to raises the counterweight. 2 M sized creatures can work the handles at one time. The counterweight will rise 3/4 of the way inside the wall before the rotted wooden drum of the pulley shatters and the chain goes flying loose like a flail while the counterweight comes down with a crash. A second chain which is inside the wall and connects the pulley to the secret door will also snap, dropping the secret door into place and wedging it shut. Anyone within 10ft of the wheel and chain must make a saving through versus Dex or receive 1d12 Dmg.

Location 14.1).

This large open room is black with ancient dried blood. There are manacles bolted into the wall. A careful examination will reveal that these are not uniformly at the same height or distance between each other and the iron rods driven between the stone blocks have cracked some of the stones. The manacles are crude workmanship.

A large tree stump is set at the southern end of the room and its surface is also covered in dried blood. It is also chipped and scarred by innumerable cuts of some bladed weapon of device.

A cold wind whistles down the corridor from the east and moans around this room if the characters enter it. The characters will need to make a saving throw versus fear. Those that fail the save will find themselves growing more and more nauseous while in this 30x30 space and will need to leave or vomit till they begin to dry heave. If they do not leave after that they will start sweating and faint for 1d4 combat rounds. This save will need to me made by anyone entering this room as well as each time they leave and reenter even if the passed a previous save.

The wooden stump is extraordinarily heavy, but if it is removed from the room, or any attempt is made to damage it, the stump will begin to shake; roots will sprout from its lower half. In one combat round 6 8ft long roots will have grown and begin waving about. If unmolested they will move the stump back into the room walking on the roots like tentacular legs. If the stump is attacked it will defend itself with the root-limbs. It will follow attackers into Location (14.) or down the eastern corridor for 60ft before turning back toward the open room.

The stump is AC8 with 50hp, each limb is 2HD, 16hp, AC5 1 attack, 1d10Dmg. Both stump and limbs are immune to arrows and piercing weapons. They take half damage from blunt weapons. Fire attacks cause double damage unless the stump saves as a wood item. The stump will interpose its limbs between itself and attackers making it hard to melee with the stump itself. Destroyed limbs will take 2 combat rounds to regrow.

If the stump is destroyed the area will be cleansed of fear and any characters who participated in its destruction will be healed 1d8 immediately and find that a golden aura glows about them, illuminating a 20ft radius and giving them a +1 to their savings throws and AC for 24 hours. 

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