Friday, February 7, 2014

18). Beyond the Forest - Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art

18). Beyond the Forest

Cara Hilan's Daughter left the forest of her kindred to follow a hunt. She would call them animals, but they were men. Bandits, Outlaws, a pack of humans who had abandoned their humanity, to her they were prey. In the lands of men she found many who stood in the way of her vengeance; laws and powers that protected these men; Allies and victims that aided her.

She hunts alone though companions in her quest come and go or fall in the fight. Across the length and breadth of the Flanaess she has traveled; to great cities and seemingly endless wastelands, through ruins and bandit kingdoms, to the far north of icy wastes and beneath the depths of the Oerth to wage battle against her own dark and evil kindred. Her vengeance has become her life. She is a hunter beyond the forests of her home and as lost in spirit as any stray of nature that has wandered into the world of man.

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