Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AlarumsandExcursions #7 January 1976

Alarums & Excursions #7 January 1976
(21 Doublesided pages Page Numbering starts with Front Cover)
(NOTE: My working copy may be missing back cover sheet)

Editor: Lee Gold
Cover Artist: Jack Harness
Contributing Artists and Writers:
H.J.N. Andruschak
Sherna Burley
Philip M. Cohen
Richard Eney
Lee Gold
Jack Harness
Hilda C. Hennifen
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Mark Leymaster
Wayne Shaw
Mark Swanson

Table of Contents:

A Few Paragraphs From the Editor By Lee Gold Pg#3, 4
Table of Contents Pg#4
Well, Now... By Sherna Burley Pg#5-8
LE MANDRAGORE for Things Phantasmagorical By Mark Leymaster Pg#9-11
LoC News Monster By Philip M. Cohen Pg#12
Billy Balrog's Own Fanzine number five By Mark Swanson Pg#13, 14
Tantivy By Lee Gold Pg#15, 16
Depth Perception 4 By Richard Eney Pg#17-24
The Portal to Tempralana By Wayne Shaw Pg#25-28
Manrikigusari #1 By H.J.N. Andruschak Pg#29-31
Mockturtleauthor #35 By Hilda C. Hennifen Pg#32
The Sentient Mockturtle #27 By Hilda C. Hennifen Pg#33-37
Readers Letters Pg#38
Clear Ether! By Samuel Edward Konkin III Pg#39-42


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