Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alarums & Excursions #4 September 1975

Alarums & Excursions #4 September 1975
(14 Double Sided Pages including cover sheet. Pages are of different colors and paper type)

Cover Art: Jack Harness
Editor: Jack Harness
Contributing Artists and Writers:
Joel S. Davis
Lee Gold
Jack Harness
Hilda Hannifen
Robert Hollander
Jock Root
Robert Sacks
Mark Swanson

Table of Contents
Contributor and Subscription Guidelines Pg#2, 3
Index to Issues #1 & #2 By Jack Harness Pg#3
Cartoon (Full Page) By Jack Harness Pg#4
Tantivity By Lee Gold Pg#5, 6
Billy Balrog's Own Fanzine number three By Mark Swanson Pg#7-10
Alarums & Excursions #4 By Robert Sacks Pg#11
Blank Page (Misprint?) Pg#12
Thou Art God By Robert Hollander Pg#13, 14
So You Want To Be A Were By? Pg#15
The Mad Scientist By? Pg#16
The Emerald City Flash Part 2 By Jock Root Pg#17-20
The Distracted Mockturtle or My Mind's A Million, Million Miles Away By Hilda Hannifen Pg#21, 22
More Mockturtle By Hilda Hannifen Pg#23, 24
Colorado Comments By Joel S. Davis Pg#25-28

Without a Table of Contents inside the Zine itself I can't be certain this list is complete.

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