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AlarumsandExcursions #6 November-December 1975

Alarums & Excursions #6 November-December 1975
(23 DoubledSided Pages -Front and Back Cover Inclusive)

Editor: Jack Harness
Cover artist: jack Harness
Contributing Artists & Writers:
Sherna Burley
Richard H. Eney
Lee Gold
Hilda C. Hannifen
Jack Harness
Samuel Edward Konkin III
Brad Schenck
Mark Swanson
UCLA Computer Club (Mike)

Table of Contents (Page Numbering starts with Front Cover as page 1)

Editorial By Jack Harness Pg#3
Table of Contents Pg#3
Contributor and Subscription Guidelines Pg#4
The Bloody Mockturtle or A Dungeon-Master's Tale of Terror and Death By Hilda c. Hannifen Pg#5, 6
Mockturtle in Haste By Hilda C. Hannifen Pg#7
Billy Balrog's Own Fanzine number four By Mark Swanson Pg#8
Mockturtle Heroics By Hilda C. Hannifen Pg#9-16
Full Page Cartoon By Jack Harness Pg#17
Special Abilities Swanson Abilities Harkness Version By Jack Harness Pg#18-20
Tantivy By Lee Gold Pg#21-24
Depth Perception 3 By Richard H. Eney Pg#25-32
Well, Now... By Sherna Burley Pg#33-36
Cosmic Frog Productions Advertisement By Brad Schenck Pg#37
Blank Page Pg#38, 39
Anyone Wanna Sell a Coat of Mithril #1 By Mike-UCLA Computer Club Pg#40
The Competitive Quest By Samuel Edward Konkin III Pg#41-44
Neutral Cleric By Jack Harness Pg#45

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