Friday, April 15, 2011

Alarums and Excursions #5 October 1975

Alarums & Excursions #5 October 1975
(18 Double Sided Pages - Front & Back Cover Sheets Inclusive)

Editor: Jack Harness
Cover Art: Jack Harness
Contributing Artists & Writers:
Sherna Burley
Dick Eney
Hilda C. Hannifen
Jack Harness
Jeff May
Robert Sacks
Nicholai Shapers
Wayne Shaw
Elst Weinstein

Table of Contents (Note: Pages Are Not Numbered. This page count starts with the front cover)
Contributor & Subscription Guidelines Pg#2
Full Page Cartoon By Jack Harness Pg#3
Reviews And Honorable Mentions By? Pg#4, 5
Depth Perception 1 or Operation Orifanc 565 By Dick Eney or By Sherna Burley Pg#6-15
Robert Sacks By Robert Sacks Pg#16, 17
Jeff May By Jeff May Pg#17
Notes From The Underground #1 By Nicholai Shapers Pg#18-21
The Portal to Temporalana By Wayne Shaw Pg#22-24
Everyone Knows Department By Jack Harness Pg#25
Nasties at the Nasfic By Jack Harness Pg#26
Depth Perception 2 By? Pg#27-30
Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet (Might be part of Depth Perception 2) By? Pg#31, 32
Another D&D Mockturtle Just Barely Though By Hilda C. Hannifen Pg#33, 34
Hogwashed, Poppycocked And Baloneyed, but Boulder Dashed ! #2 By Elst Weinstein Pg#35

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