Sunday, April 15, 2018

NPC - CSIO - Bull Jirlmore - Beggar Street - Constables Barracks

Bull Jirelmore, or "The Bull" as he is called, is the barracks commander of a large contingent of city-state constables.

There re sleeping quarters for 400 men, but 300 of the bunks are occupied by the sle-servants of the 100 constables. There are another 260 or so constables in the other shifts with about 100 on-duty and 100 off-duty. They work in weekly shifts with 200 On-Duty and in Barracks during a week and 100 off-duty living their on their own, with families, side-business', etc... The other 60 constables do they same, but are officers of one sort or another and work 40 on Duty, 20 off weekly as the regular constables do. They have seperate rooms, some small that hold only a single officr and a slave or two and a few with several rooms for The Bull's 3 main subordinates.

The Bull himself is of moderate height but very wide shoulders and chest. He runs everything by the seat of his pants and is considered rash but effective by many. He dispenses his own justice for the mmost part and doesn't disturb the rich or nobility. Once he was a warrior and adventurer but retired for an easier lifestyle. He is an experienced fighter but prefers an easy, quiet life.

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