Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NPC - Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - Czylle

The frozen land of Blackmoor, choked with mists and twilight. Few travel to that far world and few tales have returned. The great bard of Greyhawk has returned from a long sojourn there where it is said he found the City of the Gods. Silvertongue the Bard  found strange and powerful forces at work in Blackmoor but he also found allies in a society of witches that are the hidden strength of that land.

Czylle commands the elements. Lightning dances at her willl. She would be a leader in any other land but the society of witches has no leaders. All are equal in their ranks once they have begun the first mastery of their art till they take their kast breath on this Oerth. She goes gloved and cloaked in grey and her eyes burn with an inner fire. She looks far beyond this plane into worlds beyond and one day she will step beyond this Oerth and perhaps not return.


  1. Very cool to see this expansion of Blackmoor! :) I always felt like that part of Greyhawk was underdeveloped.


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