Saturday, April 7, 2018

NPC - Cardboard Hero - 1-8 The Archer

These are my favorite of the card stand-ups. (I recommend taping a penny or washer to the bottom for weight and stability).  I love plastic miniatures but these are easier to store and much lighter than plastic (and loads lighter than metal).If you are a poor painter such as myself they are in color and the detail is nice (at least with the Steve Jackson versions. You can geta bunch of print on your own onlie, but I don't have the links.

The Archer was a particular favorite of mine. Sometimes an NPC, Henchman or player character. More of a guardsman than a hunter or ranger (though I've used this for a ranger mini several times.

As an NPC he is Jorn of the Yeomanry. He is a farmer and militia leader. Young but one of the picked twelve-twelve men of his province.

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