Friday, April 20, 2012

Regional Products of the Flanaess - Cloth and Fur

Blue = Fur
Red = Cloth

As can be seen the origional resource map shows a strong interconnection between areas exporting fur (almost all the northern realms with the exception of Blackmoor and the Snow Barbarians. The same is reasonably true regarding cloth production and export.

Fur in this case can be guessed at as referring to heavy winter furs rather than the inclusion of pelts, skins or hides.

Cloth production and especially exportation seems much more questionable. It is so widespread that it makes me wonder who is buying the exports?


  1. Great question. My educated guess would be export-import of cloth must be on the order of quality over quantity. At least in the east-west trade route blot of red you show. Sure there are isolated areas that need clothes like the Sea Princes and the north fur for cloth is a no-brainer.
    But in the middle-Flanaess perhaps the cloth trade is about regional styles. You could say Furyondy is known for their fine robes while Nyrondese make top notch pantaloons. Or if finished products is a stretch it could be the variation of material which EGG gave us a ton of info. We know what type of clothing Suel, Oerid, or hell even gnomes prefer. What if the best checkered cloth is made in Keoland but there isn't much demand for that, only solid colors found elsewhere.
    It's a very interesting subject to explore.

  2. Exactly why I am working on an expanded regional products listing. It will not be quite so detailed as cloth type but that would be excellent as a sub-heading for a listing of cloth.

    This is perhaps too detailed for casual campaigners. My feeling is that the more detail a DM has the opportunity to explore the better. And then there is the potential for a campaign based on players controlling an area, say several holdings or even a sizable portion of a realm in a more strategic based game.


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