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Greyhawk 579cy

Greyhawk 579cy

The year is 579cy and Zuggtmoy is free.

The Slavelords have been defeated. The giant incursion into Geoff and the northern states has been curtailed. The Drow have been revealed. A strange metal citadel in the Barrier Peaks has been discovered and looted. White Plume Mountain has been plundered. Even the little town of Saltmarsh has been saved from an attack from the sea. Acererak's Tomb has once again defeated its explorers and its legend grows.

After nearly 40 years of campaigning in Greyhawk I've moved 3 years forward in game time. Most of the current material found on this blog will be written for 579 in mind, but a good number of projects that I'm working on can be set at anytime, some can be used with any setting or any edition of the game (But when I write about game mechanics I write for 1eAD&D).

What has changed in 579cy? There is a silent war in the city of Greyhawk between the oligarchs. The main contention is between the guild of Thieves and the guild of Assassins.

In the viscounty of Verbobonc, the Wild Coast, Kron Hills, Lortmils. Celene, and surrounding lands there is an invasion of wolf riding goblins. 

A death cult has risen in the Bakluni states but members of it are coming to Verbobonc and the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Prince Thrommel has been rescued and now plans on marrying the daughtere of Viscount Wilfirick.

In Nyrond the cult of Incabulos is on the rise.

And still the Flanaess is much how it was in 576cy. The rumor of war is perhaps louder , but no sweeping changes have altered the maps or destroyed nations (at least not  in my campaign or what I write about).

Much, Much more is coming in 579 and I plan on working on my version of Greyhawk piece by piece. I hope it can be of some use for iother DMs.

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