Monday, March 21, 2016

Wormy RPG or Why is this a picture of Snarfquest?

Recently I received this cool little RPG sourcebook for the Snarfquest setting. It has inspired me to take another attempt at collecting and organizing the information from the Wormy strips to provide as much information as possible for a Wormy RPG sourcebook. In the past my attempt was to detail each character's appearance in each strip with a summation of their actions within that singular strip.

With this attempt I plan on looking at each strip in total for all the information provided about the setting rather than just characters. My previous work on the characters involved a great deal of redundant information and visuals of each individual which was laborious although handy to have illustrations of each character isolated in every panel in which they appeared. I still intend to break each strip into its constitute panels to provide the source of the references both visual and text but will leave it to a later date to isolate individual picture of items or characters or creatures for specific references.

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