Monday, March 28, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #11

Summary: The rather musically inclined dwarves confront Wormy in his front yard where he challenges them to a Dragon's Conundrum, a riddle-game, for their 22 purloined bowling balls. Wormy confounds them and proceeds to squash the Rockeaters to a jelly.

Dragon's Conundrum:
A riddle-game, though likely the end result will always be Wormy stepping on the opponent regardless of the answer.
Panels 3

Appearing to be about 8 in number, at least before Wormy steps on them, their wing-helmed leader threatens Wormy with his Falchion before he accepts the challenge to a riddle-game with our green-skinned hero. They could probably have down more damage with their singing.
Panels 1-3,5,6

A broad, curved sword with a cutting edge about a foot down the back as well as down the entire front edge. Not what the dwarf-leader appears to be wielding.
Panels 2

Wormy's name for Dwarves
Panels 2

Snooker Balls/ Bowling Balls:
It is revealed that there are 22 in total though they do not make a visual appearance in this issue.
Panels 3

Summer Leagues:
Apparently the dwarves bowling leagues, cancelled due lack of bowling balls.
Panels 1

Wormy deals easily with the small troop of dwarves. His riddle-game challenge appears no more than an amusement though he may have honored the bargain and returned the bowling balls if the dwarves had guessed right. He may have also wanted an excuse to get the drop on the dwarves and avoid any potential for ankle related injuries.
Panels 2-4,6

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