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Trampier in the PHB

Trampier in the PHB

I am not the best at distinguishing artists' work, even Sutherland and Trampier, who are, as I understand it, the two artists whose work appears in the PHB. Here is a list of the artwork and pages number they can be found on, but few seem to have a signature or initials which may have been trimmed off before publication or never appeared in the first place.

I found 34 interior illustrations and made some guesses even where the attribution seems fairly obvious (and added some descriptive titles to the artwork for identification).

AD&D PHB Interior Artwork

Pg#1 - Trampier? (Sitting on a D6)
Pg#10 - Sutherland (initialed) (Advanced and Remedial Magic)
Pg#11 - Sutherland (initialed) (Banana Peel)
Pg#12 - Trampier? (Praying for the Dead)
Pg#13 - Sutherland (initialed) (Snake-Fighters)
Pg#14 - Trampier (signed) (Run Away!)
Pg#15 - Trampier (initialed)? (Working in a Coal Mine)
Pg#18 - Sutherland (initaled) (What, No Halflings?)
Pg#23 - Sutherland (signed) (Paladin in Hell)
Pg#27 - Trampier? (No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem)
Pg#42 - Sutherland (initialed) (Late Night Reading)
Pg#43 - Sutherland (initialed) (Multi-Denominational)
Pg#47 - Sutherland (initialed) (Detect Treasure)
Pg#56 - Trampier? (Fire Trap)
Pg#57 - Trampier? (Warp Wood)
Pg#65 - Trampier? (Dancing Lights)
Pg#68 - Sutherland (initialed) (Shield - or Imp On-Board)
Pg#69 - Trampier? (Write)
Pg#71 - Sutherland (initialed) (Mirror Image)
Pg#81 - Trampier? (Leomund's Secret Chest or Damn This Child-Proof Lock)
Pg#83 - Trampier? (Enchant an Item)
Pg#90 - Sutherland (initialed) (Otto's Irresistible Dance - Umber Hulk)
Pg#92 - Trampier? (Gate - Horned Demon)
Pg#93 - Trampier? (Shape Change - Frog Attack)
Pg#97 - Sutherland (initialed) (Massmorph)
Pg#98 - Trampier? (Demo-Shadow Monster)
Pg#101 - Trampier? (Cheers)
Pg#102 - Trampier (initialed)? (Troll on a String)
Pg#107 - Trampier? (Poison Dagger)
Pg#108 -? (The Magic Mouth and the Little People)
Pg#109 - Trampier? (End of the Adventure)
Pg#117 - Trampier? (Just One Guitar)
Pg#120 - Trampier? (Astral Combat)

Pg#122 - Sutherland? (Splitting the Loot)


  1. I've studied Tramp's art for years and have developed an eye for his line work.
    Pg#12 Praying for the Dead is Sutherland
    Yes, Pg#15 is initialed "dt"
    Pg#27 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem is initialed "DAT" at the bottom, center
    Yes, Pg#102 Troll on a String is initialed "dt" in the upper center
    Pg#107 Poison Dagger is initialed "Dt" in the upper right
    Pg#108 The Magic Mouth must be Trampier from the quality of the rendering and the dwarf on the right is holding a sword that looks a lot like the falchions seen in Tramp's comic, "Wormy"
    Pg#109 that's a Dave Trampier self portrait!
    Pg#120 Astral Combat is tricky - my gut says Tramp but some elements look like Sutherland. If it was Tramp, I'd expect to see his initials hidden in all those squiggly lines everywhere.

    All your other credits look good to me.

    1. Pg#12 was iffy to me because Sutherland seemed to have initialed all his work and it was a little involved for most of the artwork of his in the PHB

      I figured Pg#27 for Tramp but those initials were tricky, and Pg#107 was a bit obscure with the two letters meshed.

      For the magic mouth on Pg#108 if it is a choice between Sutherland and Trampier I'd say Trampier, but it still doesn't look right to me.

      Pg#120 - I spotted the DAT now near the upper right.

  2. Pretty sure p12 is Sutherland based on the shading, the hands, and the dead guy's facial features.

    p108 is almost definitely Trampier based on the shading, especially on the hair & facial features.

    p120 is Trampier. The background shading is distinctively his and many more samples for comparison can be found in Wormy

  3. I'm surprised that Sutherland didn't initial P12 'Praying for the Dead' as he did for every other piece of art in the PHB. I agree about the facial features, but the heavier detail is something I see more with Trampier than Sutherland so it made me unsure.

    P108 'the magic mouth' is just damn odd for either of them. Most of Trampier's work seems to scream out his name, but I just don't get the feeling from this one.

    1. p108 "The Magic Mouth" is puzzling but my vote is still on Tramp.

      The piece looks like it was done on scratchboard or inked in white on a black surface. Compare Tramp's skill working in white on black (Monster Manual's Frost Giant, Wereboar and Spider Ambush) to Sutherland's (Night Hag). Tramp really brings out the details working only in highlights while Sutherland's looks rushed (the lighting is inconsistent, the body feels flat and incomplete).


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