Saturday, December 21, 2019

Monster - Animated Armored

Strange tales from the Shield Lands speak of wandering armored figures that kill anything in their path. These figures once defeated prove to bodiless suits of armor that quickly decay to a bloody rust, their weapons as well. An Enchanter-Mage in service to a local lord believes them to be autonmata or golems of some sort. 

Their path of destruction leads from the lands of the Horned Society. 3 so far have been encountered and there is a dread that there will be more to follow.

Unbeknowest to those outside the Horned Society is that members who have died are entombed in a great hall upright in their armor with their weapons near. The spirits of the dead are now dwellers in one of the Nine Hells but some link to their mortal shell remains. Several of the Hierarchs are using a dark ritual to animate these remains and are sending them forth against the Shield Landers, but they have no real control over these armored spirits who now find existence on the Oerth intolerable. 

The Hierarchs simply encase the armored bodies in a temporary sarcophagus and place it with the borders of the Shield Lands. At a safe distance they activate a ward which opens the sarcohagus pointing toward the Shield Lands while hoping for the best. So far the ritual allows for only one of the armored spirits to be animated at a time but plans are underway for a more powerful ceremony. 

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