Sunday, December 15, 2019

Adventure Idea - Ankhegs in Istivin

Ankhegs in Istivin

During the invasion of Geoff by the Giants and their allies the Earl of Sterich sent many troops to aid the Geoffites and only a minimum of guardsmen were left behind to man the walls of the capital. It was during this time that an infestation of Ankhegs occured. These large beasts first appeared amid the outlying farms but soon dozens were tunneling into Istivin itself. A large bounty was placed on Ankhegs and many adventurers turned aside from their pursuits to aid those of Istivin and pocket some gold.

They Earl has created a small reaction force that reponds to the latest appearances and depredations of these monsters but what is really needed is for a group to follow the tunnels and destroy the lair of these creatures and whatever nest or nests that is producing them. For this the earl is willing to reward the adventurers handsomely as well as giving them a base of operations within the city and whatever aid he can spare now and in future endeavors. Current aid will only cover resonable requests and minimal expenditure. Future aid has the promise of much greater reward. 

When the Ankegs appear they grab what food they can, human, humanoid or animal, drag it back into their burrow and collapse it behind them. A recent incursion beneath the tavern Saucy Sue, a popular place for offduty guardsmen and adventurers, was able to kill all the attacking Ankhegs and leave open the entrance to their tunnels. A guard has been kept on the opening in the cellar of the tavern and some adventurers have remained in the upper-rooms of the half-ruined tavern for the free accomodations.

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