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Spinecastle Encounters

Spinecastle Encounters

12 Encounters for the streets of Spinecastle

1. A pack of gnolls is 'patrolling' the street, but mainly looking for trouble. Before they get close a group of goblins comes around a corner right in front of them. Both parties pause only for a moment before a pitched battle to the death ensues. The losers will immediately be looted and devoured on the street by the winning side.

2. Five ogres are demolishing a ramshakle house. Suddenly the ghost of a small human child steps from the ruin. She is crying and reaches out her hands to the nearest ogre. The monster laughs and aims a kick at the translucent figure. The ghost lets loose a bonechilling scream, becomes the size of a giant with rotting skin and visible bones sticking through the unreal flesh and reaches again for the ogre. This time all five ogres recoil in terror and run down the street in panic. Mayhem ensues.

3.  A merchant wagon loaded with barrels hits a deep rut and with a loud crack an axle breaks. The wagon lurches to one side, a rope snaps and a barrel smashes to the street. Inside is a disheveled human, stunned. The driver and assistant look wildly around to see if anyone has noticed.

4. A half-orc thief cuts a large pouch from an orcs belt but it comes open in his hands as he attempts to make off with it. Dozens of severed gnoll ears spill onto the street.

5. A long line of slaves bound for The Pits is being led down the street by red-cloaked orcs. One of the chained slaves looks familiar.

6. Two hill giants, Wlhelm and Tomas, are sitting in the street with a huge barrel of ale. TheyAQ keep dipping drinking horns into it and make passerbys drink before they can move beyond their reach.

7. A cadaverous human in a red-robe stands in front of a collapsed building. His hands are raised and he is shouting some chant in ancient Eastern Flan. A feeling like lightning is in the air and the taste of copper. The skeletons of those long dead pull themselves from the rubble.

8. A group of red-cloaked orcs is moving down the street collecting an impromptu tax on anyone nearby.

9. Twelve wagons roll down the street. Each holds a large cage. Inside each cage is a different kind of dangerous beast or monster. One cage holds perhaps the biggest owl bear ever seen. A red-cloaked orc pokes at it with a spear as it passes him and is pulled against the bars and has his forearm snipped off by a massive beak. He collapses streaming blood and much laughter and merriment is had by his companions. Orc Humor.

10. The sky grows dark overhead then shot with red streaks. Everyone begins to run for shelter. The sky pours down with blood till the walls of buildings are red and the street thick with it. It begins to pool in the middle of the street drawing from the roofs and walls till it is a circular pool leaving no other traces behind. If anything is put in the pool of blood it is drawn in like quicksand. The pool disappears after ten minutes.

11. Same as 10 but the blood becomes a column 12 feet tall and five feet wide. After a few minutes it turns into a naked human formed of blood. This blood form rampages for a  time killing any humanoid monster it comes across.

12. A patrol of humans on horseback turns the corner. They are dressed in the colors of the old Spinecastle guard if anyone recognizes it. As they get closer the flesh drops from horses and guardsmen before they crumble into dust in the street.

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