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Project - Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - The Moon Hall

Project - Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - The Moon Hall

The gathering place for the Sisterhood has no set location. It exists when the moons, Celene and Luna, are in certain conjunctions with the Oerth. The Great Veil is created and the Sisterhood passes within to seperate plane of existence. This is the Moon Hall of the Sisterhood. Three of the Nine who guide the Sisterhood hold the portal open while three others help to guard it with a large contingent of witches, warriors and summoned or allied creatures.

Once a year at the passing of the long night there is a great gathering where challenges for rank among the Sisterhood are conducted. None but members of the Sisterhood are allowed at this gathering, though at other times any witch may take a non-witch with them through the Great Veil and to the Moon Hall.

The Moon Hall is sometimes a mansion or palace or even a castle with many rooms. At other times it appears to be glades and groves within a think forest. There is no sun within the Moon Hall only the light from Celene and Luna. No matter what its appearance there will be room for gathering, dancing, feasting. 

Amidst all this the spirits of dead witches wander and particpate and interact with the living. They appear semi-translucent and may change from young to old as they speak. Many of the dead are hard to converse with as they appear to be dreaming or distracted by things unseen to the living. 

Beneath the Moon Hall are the crypts where the spirit jars of the dead are kept. Some are large and contain the bodies of the dead. Other jars are small and hold only the ashes or even the spiritual essence of some long fallen sister. But the crypts are also a prison and a vault holding items of great power. Sisters whose spirits have fallen to evil or madness are imprisoned and guarded by the honored dead of the Sisterhood. Items of power deemed to dangerous to use except in dire neccessity are entombed beneath the spirit jars of the strongest of the Sisterhood from times past.

Beyond the Moon Hall the plane becomes chaotic and home to terrors drawn from the nightmarish depths of the mind. Any interlopers or those who seek harm to the sisterhood within the Moon Hall are cast into this border of churning chaos. 

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