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Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 4 The Guilds Part 2

Cities of Greyhawk - Verbobonc Part 4 The Guilds Part 2

Painters, Spacklers & Sculptors Society - This mid-sized guild related to the Builder's Association has grown recently with the expansion of the towns around the city and improvements to buildings within the city itself. There is also a Society of Art and some of the sculptors have dual membership, but it is a much smaller Guild. Verbobonc was a very practical garrison and mercantile city but in the last two years a good deal of trade has come up and down the river and from the mines in the Kron Hills leading to a rise in the genral wealth and fortune of the citizens. The rather plain and functioning work of the sculptors has lead to a more artistic (and expensive) series of works among the wealthy merchants. This guild controls one tower along the north wall next to those controlled by the Builders Association.

Society of Art - A very small guild with an old mansion for its meeting hall. It is near the center of the city where the newer mansions of the wealthy have risen. They control no towers and even their apprentice membership does not belong to the city Militia. One of their senior members is a young Wizard, but reasonably powerful. He specializes in the creation of Golems and is a trained sculptor.

The Mapmakers Guild - Another relatively small guild. Their apprentice members are part of the City Militia but they do not control a tower. There hall is both meeting place and archive with workshops attached. It is located near the Mercenaries Guild and sees much commerce from the adventurous members. The Viscount has several members of the Mapmakers Guild on his staff.

The Bakers, Brewers and Cooks Union - This is a large guild which mans two of the towers along the north wall. The Brewers are mainly dwarves and they have grwon in number in recent years. Verbobonc Stout has become a popular brand and a Dwarven Ale and Whiskey are both decent sellers locally and up and down the river. The number of Inns and taverns has been fixed at 21 within the city but there is a boom in the nearby towns and at many of the crossroads around the city. Lately the Ragged King has been charging a tithe on any spirits that leave the city and the brewers are ready to hire mercenaries to hunt him down since the Viscount seems unable to stop him.

The Taverner amd Innkeeper Circle - This is a group of the 21 Inn and Tavern owners of Verbobonc. The Viscount's law only allows for these 21 which causes most guild halls to function as taverns and guilds for their members, families and associates. Each in is responsible for providing food and drink to each of the guild controlled taverns but they man no towers themselves. Their employees are exempt from serving in te City Militia but are responsible for keep order within their own premises. Each tavern or inn commands a small force of thugs, bouncers and barmen to deal with trouble.

The Carter and Driver Guild - Is a large guild linked to the Dockworkers Union. Most carted goods are headed toward the docks or away from them. They control one tower near the citadel where the largest stables are, both the Viscount's military stables and the large private stables near the Mill Gate. This guild has many members of the secret Thieves Guild but the Guild Master is kept unaware of this.

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