Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pathfinder Adventure Cardgame - Greyhawk Homebrew

I've just started playing the Pathfinder Adventure Cardgame abd I have to say it really scratches my OCD itch. It might even be a decent gateway game to lead players down the path to RPGs. It is similar to the more complex pick a paragraph adventure games such as Lone Wolf or Fighting Fantasy but with more depth. The start-up time is greater than those solo books but thereis much more that you can do with this card-based system.

The Pathfinder rulebook is okay but I needed some time bowsing the BGG forums to answer some questions which weren't spelled out in the rules. The gameplay is fine and it doesn't require and excessive amount of table space.

There is also a great potential for homebrew. Myvery first thought was transforming this to something more AD&D like and of course greyhawk, Im already getting out the blank index cards and my copy of T1-4 to see about making a Greyhawk versio following the path of the classic suer modules. 

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