Saturday, May 21, 2016

White Dwarf #16 - Paths of the Lil - Gamma World Scenario

By James Ward

This is an excellent write-up on a mutant race and their habitat. It isn't what I'd call a scenario as there isn't any kind of plot or story connected with it that I came across. I haven't played Gamma World in decades and I'm not into sci-fi RPGs at the moment so my main interest would be converting this to 1e AD&D which isn't too difficult.

I disagree with a few minor elements of the write-up. The Lil glow so the best time for them to be out and about would be in the brightest part of the day not the darkest. They are very small so I don't see how they would use a laser-rifle except as something set as a stationary device. This may be what is intended but the description read to me as if they were dragging the rifle into the brambles and dragging it back out again when dealing with intruders.

One main thing is the paths themselves. The Lil are 20cm tall. Why would they make paths that were 10meters wide? I could see them making traps to lure big people or creatures in but otherwise all their paths should be sized for them not for regular humans.

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