Sunday, February 21, 2016

White Dwarf #5 Metamorphosis Alpha -Food and Water on the Starship Warden

 I've never been a MA GM or Player but have always found the setting intriguing as a Robert Heinlein fan (Orphans of the Sky). This little article deals with an obvious question about survival aboard the Starship Warden - What do the survivors eat and drink?

The article gives a one page list of serving suggestions, their descriptions and effects. Two small tables also deal with what the players suffer without finding food or water. My own gaming deals mainly with fantasy, and in AD&D sustenance is often glossed over or completely ignored. I've always found this to be a mistake. In a game of paper tigers it helps to flesh them out to find out what puts meat on their bones and to make the players a little bit more aware that their characters are also flesh and bones even if they appear only to be pen, ink and a kind word.

Earning coin in search of spell components or healing remedies not linked to priestcraft is another way to use the idea of a game world filled with more than just tigers and bears. Some good ideas in this short piece of two pages and a corner. (And I liked the illustration Polly Wilson much more than her cover art this issue.

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